Monday, 27 April 2009

Vitamin A Swimwear

I'm heading off to turkey very soon so I've been searching for cute simple swimwear. The high street doesn't offer much when it comes to swimwear and what they do offer is slightly cheap and tacky. So I've been looking on the Internet and have come across a Californian swimwear brand that is loved by the Hollywood A-Lister's and is to die for.

These swimwear outfits are exactly what I'm looking for, but the prices are crazy they cost $200 for an outfit. But i guess you get what your paying for.Their incredibly chic and sexy ,the swimwear are made from high quality materials and are crafted in such a way that you can mix and match the swimwear with any bikini top or bottom. I've purchased the swimwear in the second photo which cost me £60 on a website which stocked Vitamin A swimwear which was on sale. Their are plenty of Vitamin A swimwear on sale right this minute so if you wanna grab a luxury bargain , got for it.

Here's the website to check out more of what Vitamin A has to offer

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