Monday, 27 April 2009

Protecting our skin

Skin Care is extremely important for me and I've become very aware of the many skin care products that do not care for our skin as they claim ,but are full of chemicals that are absorbed into our body that can cause harm and damage our skin.I've Used many products branded and non branded to find the right product that will help me with my skin care without causing any damage.

I use a website called Cosmetic Database to help me when deciding to test skin care products. It's a great website that tells you the chemicals in branded skin care products and shampoo's and much more , and explains the harmful effects of the chemicals in the product.

I recommend you to use this site when wanting to try out products, its a great way to identify friendly skin care products.

Matthew Williamson for H&M

I had to check out the Matthew Williamson collection for H&M as soon as it arrived at my nearest H&M . I was quite surprised by the collection, It was very vibrant , fresh and looked like designer pieces, which previous designer collections failed on . I must say i was quite shocked by the price , i wasn't expecting the big price hike, but i guess it seems worth it.

My favourite item out of the entire collection had to be the dress along with the Belt .Their were some key pieces in the collection such as the peacock dress and the maxi dress along with the leather jacket that caught my eye. The accessories were amazingly detailed and could easily pass off as a genuine designer pieces, they would be a great investment fashion wise.

Did you purchase anything from the Matthew Williamson Collection ?

Vitamin A Swimwear

I'm heading off to turkey very soon so I've been searching for cute simple swimwear. The high street doesn't offer much when it comes to swimwear and what they do offer is slightly cheap and tacky. So I've been looking on the Internet and have come across a Californian swimwear brand that is loved by the Hollywood A-Lister's and is to die for.

These swimwear outfits are exactly what I'm looking for, but the prices are crazy they cost $200 for an outfit. But i guess you get what your paying for.Their incredibly chic and sexy ,the swimwear are made from high quality materials and are crafted in such a way that you can mix and match the swimwear with any bikini top or bottom. I've purchased the swimwear in the second photo which cost me £60 on a website which stocked Vitamin A swimwear which was on sale. Their are plenty of Vitamin A swimwear on sale right this minute so if you wanna grab a luxury bargain , got for it.

Here's the website to check out more of what Vitamin A has to offer

The shopaholic has returned :)

I started bloggginng, then gave up because i had so much work juggling a job and Uniii , and im a poor multitasker . I've finished my finalsss , so im ready to get back into the swing of blogging , and keep you updated on anything new.


Thursday, 19 February 2009

Confession of a secret shopaholic ! ! !

Ok Guys i set this blog up after i went and watched the movieeeee Confessions of a shopaholic , i know what your thinking ''how TRAGIC''. i've been meaning to set a blog up in a long time but just wasn't sure, what i should talk about. After watching the movie i was inspired to enter the blogging world and vent my love and frustration for my absurd shopping addiction which i've been trying to hide from myselfff and everyone that knows mee. I hope through my crazy shopping experiences im able to help you lovlies in everything shopping related, and prevent you guys from becoming unhealthy shopaholic casualities like me. Consider me your official Shopping Guruuuuuuuu !!!